Sheen Botanical Labels

Sheen Botanical Labels

We engrave plant and tree labels and plaques to a client's specific order, manufacture plant label stems and supply tree fixing kits.

Engraved plant and tree labels

Our labels are made of exterior-quality, UV-protected plastic laminate. Most are a 'sandwich' of black/white/black material, enabling white lettering to be presented on the black background. Other colours, for example teal-green, can be supplied to order.

Our standard labels are

Sheen Botanical Labels

2" x 3" (50mm x 75mm)

Sheen Botanical Labels
3" x 4" (75mm x 100mm)

However other sizes can be supplied to order. The information engraved can range from just a common or botanical name to both these plus botanical family, origin and plant serial numbers or indeed any additional information - space being the only restricting factor. We can also arrange to have crests or logos engraved on the labels at an additional cost.

Single, double or corner holes can be punched in the label as required for the labels to be attached by wire or to mature trees using our tree fixings.

Other engraved labels

We have engraved elegant labels for a variety of purposes such as sculpture and art naming, plant bedding identification, signage and general information purposes. Coloured laminate material is available to order.

Engraved plaques

Sheen Botanical Labels Sheen Botanical Labels
We can supply engraved plaques, which can have holes punched for fixing or be supplied with a robust full size, matt-black, galvanised steel stand. These are used for commemorative or memorial purposes, as exhibition information panels or for botanical displays where large lettering is necessary. Our plaques come in two standard sizes: 4" x 6" (100mm x 150mm) and 5" x 8" (125mm x 200mm), with the stand being 16" (40cm) high. Again, the only restriction on what can be engraved is the available space and the lettering height.

Sheen Botanical Labels "Sheen" label stems

Our "Sheen" plant label stems are made of aluminium which is matt-black powder coated for durability and elegance. Labels slide on to the face of the stem plate which is angled to ease viewing. The stems are available in standard heights ranging from 15cms to 50cms.

Again, other heights are available to order.

As well as our standard "Sheen" stems which have 1/4" diameter shaft, we can also supply label holders with a 'U-shaped' galvanised steel shaft to special order.

Tree label fixings

Sheen Botanical Labels For mature trees, we supply the special tree label fixings which were developed at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. These comprise a hardened steel nail and washer together with a conical phosphor bronze spring. They allow the tree to expand without damaging the tree or cracking the label, whilst also being almost impossible to remove by vandals.

Numbered Tree Tags

We are also able to supply numbered tree tags in black engraved laminate, aluminium and stainless steel.


Full information on all our standard products and their prices is shown in our brochure which is available on request.

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